Initial Consultation: Each case is unique. Prior to the submission of any document, the relevant facts, types of examinations, collection of exemplars and procedure for submitting items will be discussed.

Handwriting Examinations: Questioned signatures, cursive text, printed text, numerals and initials may be examined to identify or eliminate a writer.

Document Examinations: In addition to handwriting and signature comparisons a complete examination may require physical examinations of the document itself. The tests conducted will depend, to a large extent, on the nature of the document and the circumstances surrounding the investigation. Examinations of the entire document may include:
  • alterations
  • obliterations and erasures
  • interlineations and page substitutions
  • indented writing impressions and faded writing
  • typewriting and machine printing (copiers and faxes)
  • paper, watermarks and security features
  • fracture matches and tool marks
  • inks and writing instruments
  • stamp impressions
  • latent fingerprints
Field Examinations: Evidential documents that are unavailable for submission (e.g., originals in possession of another party or agency) may be examined and photographed off premises.

Reports and Testimony: Oral or written reports, affidavits, demonstrative charts, pretrial conference and expert testimony are provided as required.
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